Online Courses for Electricians

Online courses for electricians can be found all over the Internet. Some of the courses are free but other web based schools require payment.


An electrician hooking up a generator to a hom...

These programs explore various topics. Some of the topics which students will learn are electrical systems of cars, electrical engineering, basics of electronics and electronic theory.


The courses on the web cover all the aspects of electricity. Some of the classes online can be studied by a single person. However, some websites have group exercises. These will necessitate working with other students. Some sites will also have the students do some on-campus work.

Some courses are designed for students while others are for teachers. There are also courses for professionals who are engaged in continuing education (CE). There are also courses made for people who want to take exams related to the subject.

Other Features in Internet Courses

Aside from the ones stated above, subjects like circuits, electrostatics, measuring current and voltage and electromagnetics and Ohms Law are covered. The majority of these courses are set up in the multiple question format. Most of the time, the user does not have to buy any more materials. But they may have to download some programs or materials on the Internet.

Requirements for Students

This varies depending on the site. With free training courses there is none. You can go to the site and start reading the lessons right away. Universities that provide Internet courses may have other requirements. This can vary from site to site. Pay sites of course, will require you to register first. You also have to check the payment options too.

As a rule, students don’t need any prior experience or knowledge to study electronics. But it will help if they become familiar with differential equations, magnetism and other related subjects.

Other Important Information

There are other topics which are explained in Internet courses. Some focus on a general introduction on the topic. Others emphasize a particular field measurements or signals. When studying electrical blueprint symbols, meters and wiring repair, you may be required to use a pdf reader. Other files may be in xls or doc formats. You need to have the proper software to view these files.

Online courses for electricians are very popular today because those who work in the field are often well paid. If you get a diploma online, it means you are versed in various power systems, safety, installation, current measuring, circuitry and repair.