Online Courses for EMT Certification

Online courses for EMT certification make it possible for students to become qualified professionals. Given the nature of the job, it is not surprising that there is always strong demand for it. The Internet makes it possible to get ready for it via a computer.


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These programs have several features. There are those which will award a degree to graduates, while others will give a certification of completion. In the US however, you need to get credentials from state organizations or groups before you can earn the status of EMT-Paramedic or EMT-Basic. Aside from state recognition, you will also need accreditation from national groups.


The size and scope of these programs vary. The most basic programs will provide information about emergency medical services and related certification programs. The larger programs will offer associate’s degree courses plus several programs for youths and adults. Some courses are designed for people who are studying the course for the first time.

Others are continuing education programs (CE). These are for people who are looking to expand their knowledge. Some classes are available as a non-credit or credit class. This will be specified by the site, so you will know what to expect. Either way, they will cover all the basic information for initial certification and re-certification.

Course Contents

Most of these courses teach students how to perform hands-on tasks. These include handling traumatic injuries, getting them ready for a hospital and how to transport them. First aid and CPR are also covered in these courses. Participants in these courses are taught how to respond to emergency situations.

Another important feature of these lessons is prioritizing. This skill is very important especially in a large scale emergency or disaster. These courses also explain how to evaluate a patient’s condition.

Other Information

These courses are mostly online, but some of them are going to require some on-site work. Check the site if this is required and how often. This can be an issue if you are living far away from the required site.

These programs also provide plenty of opportunities for people to get into other fields of work besides EMT. You can work in related fields if you take any of these courses. Some of the related programs are firefighting and safety inspection.

Online courses for EMT certification are becoming more numerous, so you need to make sure that the one you pick is accredited. Otherwise, all the work you put in will be for naught.