Online Courses for Engineering Economics

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Online courses for engineering economics course vary a great deal. Detailed programs last for several weeks. Short study classes will only take a few hours. Although this is more of a specialized series of classes, there are actually many courses that can even be found for free on the web. Most of these, should by default, provide an outline of what these engineers do and are expected to know.

Overview of Coursework

Basically these programs explain what economic methods are used for efficient engineering. These decisions pertain to project planning, implementation and designing. You could be the best engineer in the world however without a strong plan, including the vital economics of a project, those skills won’t be able to be put to use. It is through Online Courses for Engineering Economics which allow these projects be completed correctly, on time and on budget.

These courses emphasize the importance of such business tools as life cycle cost, break-even analysis and benefit to cost ratios. There are also subjects about replacement analysis, depreciation and time value of money calculations. There are also courses which explain how to finance future projects and goals.

Aspiring economic engineers will also learn how to compute interest rates needed in an investment. There will also be courses explaining how to use depreciation to reduce tax liabilities. They will also discover how to determine when assets have to be replaced.


These programs provide exams and multiple-choice quizzes. This is used to gauge your progress. These courses are designed for architects and professional engineers. There are also classes for students.


By the time students graduate, they will understand how to compare various projects during the implementation and planning stages. You will be able to assess project expenses throughout their life. These courses will explain how to make changes in projects if needed.

These courses will also detail how to assess future values. At the same time they will understand present value payments that have to be made at a future time. This subject also includes studies of future value series payments.

Other Information

Enrolled students get trained to determine an asset’s book value. Other subjects that may be included are production line profitability assessment, annual worth of asset determination, and many others. Upon graduation, students will learn how to select the best option for a project. Basic courses will cover subjects such as cost estimation, effect of taxes on projects and so on.

Risk management is also covered in these sites. You will also learn how to choose alternatives with the lowest risk. You will understand how to make assessments from an economic perspective. All major financial factors that affect project costs are evaluated too. Income taxes, inflation, rate of return and uniform series are covered too.

Online courses for engineering economics are available from a variety of websites. Aside from the price, the credentials of the teachers and websites must be assessed. Getting some feedback on the site will also help.

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