Online Courses for Engineering in Colorado

Online courses for engineering in Colorado offer several programs for aspiring and professional engineers. Today’s Internet courses allow you to earn a master’s degree on the web.


Most of these online classes offer several engineering degrees. Participants who live far away may concentrate on their online studies. Those who are nearby can combine live classes with online assignments. Most of these sites have financial aids.

Coursework for Aerospace Engineering

Courses include finite elements, space vehicle guidance & control and turbulent flows. Other subjects will concentrate on spacecraft attitude dynamics and control, linear control systems and the mechanics of aerospace structures. Advanced topics touch upon nonlinear control systems, spacecraft formation flying neural systems and physiological control.

Numerical methods for differential equations, aerospace environments, computational fluid mechanics and engineering data analysis methods are also included in the curriculum. Other notable subjects are radar/remote sensing, math for aerospace engineering sciences, descriptive physical oceanography, remote sensing instrumentation design and spacecraft design. Introduction to statistical orbit determination, propulsion, gas turbine engines and satellite geodesy are usually part of these courses.

Civil Engineering Coursework

The topics will include environmental microbiology, sustainable infrastructure systems and utility management policy. There are also topics on environmental systems, geographical info system, computational mechanics for geomaterials and sustainability and the built environment. Finite element analysis is also part of the study program.

Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Coursework

Several topics are covered here. Among them are analog IC design, resonant and soft switching techniques in power electronics. Modeling and control of power electronic systems and power quality phenomena in power systems are studied in detail.

The following subjects may be part of the curriculum as well: computer performance modeling, software engineering of distributed systems, digital communications principles and theory and practice of error control codes.

Engineering Management

The coursework will include entrepreneurial business plan preparation, data mining, screening experiments for engineering research, and advanced statistical methods for engineering research. Engineering students will also take up lean and agile management, software product management and development and high technology marketing.

All of them are included in the curriculum. Entrepreneurial finance for engineers, analysis, project management systems are also taught in online classes.


Some classes require applicants to have a Bachelor of Science in engineering. Other degree programs do not have the same needs. It all depends on the site. Reliable Internet access is necessary.

Sites offering online courses for engineering in Colorado have flexible schedules. Aside from the specialties indicated earlier, many others are provided.