Online Courses for Estimating Paint

Online courses for estimating paint cover numerous topics required in the job. These courses are usually offered in conventional classes, but some are now on the web.

Coursework Description

Courses in paint cost estimator colleges are divided into several modules. The core subjects focus on expenses: prime cost, overhead, establishment costs and profits. Prime costs cover labor and materials. The overhead expenses explore business fees, while the establishment costs center on job specific costs and risk.

Students also learn about painting, drywall finishing and glazing. Aspiring painters also cover safety standards for construction, wall preparation and repair. Other subjects explore topics like filling compounds and procedures and technical mathematics. There are other topics about contracting in different areas.

Some of the subjects include blueprints, foreman training, advanced spray and industrial painting. Not all of these topics are covered. In some cases, students only focus on the costs and how to estimate. In some cases you are taught how to use computer software for checking charges.

Additional Details

Other areas of discussion are getting a successful contract, production rates for different surfaces and miscellaneous costs. These include hire of scaffolding, painting association, training seminars, repairs and maintenance. Numerous subjects include motor vehicle costs, legal costs and general expenses.

Students also learn about special coatings and decorative finishes, abrasives blasting techniques, spray and industrial painting. Aspiring students also have to explore subjects like safe work practices, wall covering and paperhanging.

After learning the techniques, you will understand how much they will cost. In addition, students will discover how to use abrasives, blasting methods, advanced rigging and hoisting. More advanced training is included in these programs.


These classes may have live training components. In many instances, you learn about computing expenditures straight on the web. But in courses that teach painting techniques, live training is needed.

Other Information

Participants also have to study the fundamentals of painting. This is necessary to learn its cost. The subjects are construction fundamentals, blueprints and many other options. You will also learn about color mixing and matching and wood finishing.


This will vary from school to school. You need to have a fast Internet connection. Special software may have to be installed. Academic requirements differ by school. This will be specified in the class website.

Online courses for estimating paint have different features. Before you enroll in one of these programs, you need to go over the course description.