Online Courses for Event Planning Certification

Getting online courses for event planning certification can be the gateway to a financially rewarding career. There is no shortage of clients looking for someone to organize their events, so the job prospects are good.


These Internet courses focus on helping students learn how to conduct research and organize events schedule. They are also instructed how to create invitations and get assistance from the right services and providers. Participants in these programs will also get pointers on how to choose good locations. The latter is very important especially if there are a lot of people attending.

Course Duration

The time frame depends on the online program. A basic curriculum will only last a year or even less. A lot of these programs last for two years however. Many of these online classes are self paced; participants decide how many classes to take up. The duration also depends on the credits earned prior to giving a degree. On the average these schools require 15 to 20 credits.

Course Contents and Specializations

There are many types of event planning. There are online programs which provide suggestions for becoming a wedding planner or handling company events like the launching of a product. There are also courses which focus on more general subjects.

There are programs which explain how to organize conferences, reunions, birthdays, parties and similar occasions. Some courses focus on the planning management area. This is the course to take if you want to get into business development rather than public relations.

Other Useful Information

Some of these Internet programs concentrate on event management in general, while others emphasize hospitality leadership and / or hotel services.

If you are not sure where to start looking for these sites, try your local community colleges. They may have web classes on. Not all these sites are linked to major companies. Some operate online fully.

Job Prospects

Graduates can look forward to working in different sectors of the tourism industry. There will also be opportunities to work in the hospitality field. There are also web based schools which teach how to form your own event company. Finishing the course allows students to pursue careers in media and public relations and similar endeavors.

Many online courses for event planning certification do provide a professional certificate for graduates. The smaller ones only provide participation certificates. Make sure you understand what kind of certificate the school is giving.