Online Courses for Excel 2010

Online courses for Excel 2010 can be obtained from different sources. There are many websites dedicated to it. Tutorials for the program are offered in some colleges and universities too.

Coursework Overview

Many Excel 2010 programs explain the many features of this program. Courses are arranged like books and divided into chapters. Usually the focus is on Office workspace basics, introducing Excel editing data and using functions and formulas.

You will also learn how to format worksheets, add charts and create graphs. Students get training on printing and viewing workbooks. Other classes have chapters on navigating the program, format numbers and using shortcuts. Formatting text and tables, data validation, modifying cell content and changing views are also offered.

Basic Course Subjects

The topics covered are formatting worksheets, getting familiar with the worksheet tab color and watermarks. You will also learn about Excel’s workbook options, the document window, special formats and numerical cell values. Students also study how to use Excel with other Office programs.

Advanced Topics

Formulas and functions are discussed in advanced chapters. Among the topics you can study are cell multiplication, AutoSum, SUM function, arithmetic operations, operations and AutoCalculate. After completing the program, students will learn how to use the Count formula, the SUM function, ROW/COL, INDIRECT and linked formulas.

Format and Features

Since these courses come from different sources, their features vary. Most of them are self paced. Tests are provided at the end of the course to determine your knowledge. Podcasts are also used in some websites. You need to have the proper components to listen to the podcast. Courses are arranged from the basic concepts up to the more advanced. Study materials are sometimes in PDF format. Others are in printable format.

If you already know a bit of Excel, you can study advanced courses. These are available in several websites. You can even download templates from the web. Some sites also let you get formulas and macros for the program.


Excel 2010 requires a 500-megahertz (MHz) processor or higher, 256 megabytes (MB) RAM minimum and 2 gigabyte (GB) available disk space. Your display has to be 1024 × 768 or higher and the OS Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3 and higher. You must also have a reliable Internet connection.

Not all online courses for Excel 2010 require payment. There are free sites. However, these usually just focus on a specific aspect of the program. The more comprehensive ones usually have fees.