Online Courses for Excel VBA

Taking up online courses for Excel VBA will help you get the most out of this powerful program. Because Excel is used in many offices, it will be to your advantage to know its pertinent features.

Coursework Contents

These Internet programs cover the basic and advanced concepts of VBA. If you are new to Visual Basic for Applications, there are beginner courses available. They will introduce you to the Visual Basic Editor and how to create macros, how to use the macro recorder and how to use VBA security in the program.

These programs will also explain how to test these macros and edit them. Macros are not difficult to make. But if you are not familiar with macro editing, this could lead to problems.

Additional Features

After the basic lessons are explained, other concepts will be explored. Aside from coding fundamentals, these programs will show how to work and resolve errors that appear in your macros. Other topics that you will learn are using VBA message boxes, working with workbooks and worksheets.

Those who study online will also learn about VBA vocabulary and how to use Excel cells properly. You will also discover how to work with statements, variables and functions. Advanced topics like SQL and user forms are also detailed online. Other topics which you can learn are using text boxes, list boxes and spin buttons.

Benefits of Training Programs

Excel has a help file, but it only covers the basic functions of the program. With a training program, you will learn how to use VBA and other facets of the program. Some online tutorials only focus on VBA. Others cover only the basic functions of the application. If you are completely new to Excel, it is best to start with a course on the program as a whole.

Other Information

To use VBA you need to be familiar with some basic Excel features. Some courses are free, while others are not. If your needs are simple, you can make do with free tutorials. Some are tuition based, but most of the time the free ones will be enough. There are courses which have macros. However, it helps if you know how to program with VBA. This will be necessary so you can overcome errors and modify it.

Online courses for Excel VBA also offer many VBA coding tips for both new and advanced users. Before you try any of tutorials online, be certain that it is for the Excel version you are using.