Online Courses for Finance and Accounting

Online courses for finance and accounting have evolved and now encompass a wide range of topics. Several colleges and universities in America have online extensions so you can learn the subjects from your own computer.


The majority of these courses are served up as a business degree component at the level of a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes they are offered along with a business administration degree. The focus on these programs differ.

Online Undergraduate Programs

Some of these web based courses have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Some of the subjects covered are tax accounting, advanced accounting principles, managerial accounting, financial accounting and financial statement analysis.

Internet Graduate Courses in Accounting and Others

These are usually given as a component of a business degree program (i.e., MBA) or undergraduate finance related courses. Some programs also have degrees that focus on business. Some of the subjects that will be studied are international finance, entrepreneurial finance and analysis in financial management.

These types of courses also center on investing and finance foundations. All of these subjects have subcategories which will be tackled in-depth. Some of these courses may concentrate on specific subjects like portfolio management.

Varieties in Internet Courses

Many of these courses are affiliated with universities but others are presented by scholars and leaders in the field. There are also a lot of different courses especially at the graduate level, which allow specialization. One such special area is corporate finance. These courses are set upon the undergraduate courses.

Other topics which are studied in advanced programs are fixed income investments, computer applications in financial management and risk management. There are also Internet programs that center on bank management, capital markets and futures and options. Topics like venture capital are also frequently taught in these schools.

Other Information

While these courses differ in content, the purpose is the same: to instruct the student about accounting regulations. It is the job of the student to determine how these influence financial statements. A financial accountant can also be asked for advice on other financial issues and concerns.

Online courses for finance and accounting may have other topics which are discussed on the Internet. The industry is evolving rapidly so the topics covered vary. Some of the issues that will be addressed are meeting business needs and compliance requirements. Other subjects that will be studied are statement of cash flows and statement of retained earnings.