Online Courses for Firefighters

If you want to take online courses for firefighters, there are several sites where you can earn a certificate. These courses are best suited for people who are too busy for a “real” school.


The features vary depending on the site. But almost all of these allow the students to take the program any time they like. Aside from the flexible schedule, the subjects can be taken without deadlines or time limits. Some Internet courses may have a more structured setup, but that is rare.

Note that some of these web courses are hybrid; you have to take part in on-site or go on campus for some seminars or training. But even these can be scheduled at specific times.

Internet courses are available in modules which cover a variety of subjects. Apart from the materials online, some of them have materials which you can download. There are also group lessons available.

Discussion forums and chat rooms are also provided so students can have an exchange of ideas. There are also quizzes and homework just like in real class.

Tuition Expenses

The cost will vary depending on the course features and duration. On the average they will be around $2,500. This is for the whole class; if you just take individual courses, it will only cost $300 or so.
This will include subjects like fire science and others plus some study materials.

Other Features of Internet School Courses

Some online sites affiliated with universities offer several degrees related to the subject. By taking one of these associate degrees, graduates will have a chance to apply for a fire management position. These schools will focus on several subjects like accident and arson investigation, fire code and preventing fire.

Those who take part in this course are also instructed how to deal with hazardous waste. One subject that is always taught in these classes is how fire alarms and detection systems work. The majority of these classes are conducted on the Internet.

Other Information

Most of these lessons are comprised of reading material. Some websites also use video to impart lessons. These may include instructions and guidelines from class teachers. Other videos will depict the ways fires happen and how firefighter tools are used.

One of the advantages of online courses for firefighters is you can finish them more quickly than in a standard school. However, you need to make sure that the Internet school is fully accredited. The accrediting entity varies per state.