Online Courses for First Aid and CPR

Taking up online courses for first aid and CPR is one of the most useful things you can do. The quality of web based training programs has improved so much you can really depend on them.

How Internet Courses Function

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Some websites just use text and images to instruct the student on CPR and using first aid components. However, Internet courses typically use videos to instruct students about CPR. They also offer detailed information about medical emergencies and how to properly handle them. Most of these lessons are purely online.

But there are also sites that combine in-person courses with Internet classes. Whether in video or in person, the courses will explain the procedure step by step.

A lot of the major sites like the American Heart Association combine online and in-person training. Their online videos will show how to do CPR. However, they also have an instructor you can meet up with to determine how well you learned those skills.

Exams and Other Topics

After the participants learn the videos, some sites give an exam and / or review. Various topics may be discussed such as when to call a doctor, how to treat wounds and other lifesaving techniques.

These and other topics related to first aid are assessed and evaluated. More interactive courses will have students interacting with their online instructors. There are also web programs that offer quizzes. Quizzes and exams are very useful in determining how much you have learned.

Notes about Certifications

The quality and validity of the certifications of these sites differ. For instance, the American Red Cross and similar groups have CPR and first aid training online. But these also require reviews and testing in person. Some of the certifications offered on certain websites may be recognized only in certain areas. If you are unsure, ask the website about the validity of their certificate.

Other Information

CPR training

Unless you plan to be a trained professional, a certification is not that important. What matters most is knowing how to perform CPR. Similarly you don’t need a degree to know how important a first aid kit is.

Different types of first aid assistance are available on the Internet. But for those who need a certificate, consult the health department in your area.

Online courses for first aid and CPR are almost always free, so there is no excuse not to learn them. You never want to use these skills, but it helps to know how it is done just in case.