Online Courses for Flight Attendants

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Online courses for flight attendants offer a convenient way to learn the skills necessary to break into the industry. In the past, choices were limited to live classes. But Internet programs now provide an alternative.


These Internet study programs prepare students by getting them familiar with the terminology. Students will learn about aircraft configuration. They will be trained in the procedures and policies aboard specific airlines.

Participants will develop skills to read airport codes. Many of these programs cover codes for all the major airlines. There are also topics about PA announcement and Federal Aviation regulations.

Participants will learn how a flight attendant application form can be completed. Some of the more updated websites even post the present pay rates of attendants. Students will also learn how many hours they have to work and what is expected of them.

Of course aspiring flight attendants will be trained in proper customer service. An integral part of the training is coping with emergencies. Aspiring attendants will be trained in the proper safety procedures.

Medicine/first aid are offered by a lot of classes too. Certificates are given to students who finish the course. After getting the certificate, graduates can prepare for a job interview.

Additional Features

Well designed online classes offer advice on resume writing. Tips are given so aspiring attendants are better prepared for interviews. Some of them give insights regarding what questions may be asked. There will also be tips on how to answer them properly. Most of them offer inputs on how to dress and behave during an interview.

Other Information

Internet courses teach students on all aspects required of the job. The majority of them assist their graduates in finding a job. Some of these sites continue to provide assistance until their graduates are hired.

Students should be aware that these classes offer different types of certification. Some courses are for flight attendants who want to work in a charter, corporate or regional airline. Other courses are for aspiring attendants who want to apply in an international, national or major charter. There are study programs for working in specific carriers like the Airbus A330 or Boeing.

Teachers are provided in these sites. They can offer advice to the students. Discussion boards, email, Skype and other communications tools are used.

Costs of online courses for flight attendants are charged on a per course basis. The price ranges from $150 to over $300 per course.