Online Courses for Foreign Languages

Taking online courses for foreign languages is something more and more people are doing. With the world becoming more global, knowing another language will be an advantage.


Not everyone has the time to attend a language class. The Internet however, has several languages classes that are comprehensive. A lot of them are also free. Even the tuition based sites are often more affordable than attending a university or buying software.

The benefits of learning a second language on the web is not just in financial terms, but also in terms of scheduling.


Some of these websites teach only one language in depth. They will offer translations, cite commonly used expressions, terms and phrases. Larger websites will give you the option to study several languages. The majority of these sites use reading materials. You read the examples provided using a pronunciation guide.

While pronunciation guides are often used, some resort to audio. For some, these guides are more practical. You can simply play the material over and over. Interactive presentations are also available to make the lessons more interesting.

Additional Features

These websites usually have multiple choice quizzes. They also have dialogs which are designed to help students. Many of them have guidelines for foreign languages and placement tests. This is a good way to gauge their progress.

Because of the vast resources of the Internet, it is very easy to choose from a wide variety of languages. A lot of these materials can be read directly on the web. Others are in PDF format so you have to download a PDF reader.

Some of these websites will require you to register or create an account. In free sites there is usually no need. There are specialized websites which are designed for kids. Others aim to improve your writing skills in the language too.

Other Information

These sites are not just comprised of one lesson after another. They are also structured like real classes. They have exams which you can take. When you pass the test, a certification will be given. Of course the big advantage of online learning is you can study at any time.

Some online courses for foreign languages are free while others are tuition based. Some prefer one over the other. Whichever you choose, make it a point to explore the site. Tuition based sites give you a sneak peek at the site. Use this opportunity to judge if it is worth the price tag.