Online Courses for Free English

Online courses for free English have made it easier for people to learn the language. Even if you are not physically around people who speak the language, the vast resources on the Internet have made the task less difficult.


Most of these free courses do not earn credit and the majority of them are not formally linked with universities. Some of them may rely on OpenCourseWare but others have their own content. There are some courses which give a certification of some sort when you finish. But others do not.

If you just want to learn the English language, this won’t be a concern. If you are seeking a more formal education, there are Internet courses which award certifications or diplomas for those who graduate.

Course Contents and Features

The information provided on these sites varies. Some are very detailed while others only offer basic examples. Reading materials make up most of the resources. Sites aimed at new speakers of the language will focus on common and helpful expressions.

These will include asking directions, how to say hello, goodbye, dining out, asking for help and so on. These sites may also have quizzes and tests. There are also sites which focus more on English grammar. Aimed at people who have basic knowledge of English, it aims to improve their understanding even more.

What to Look For

If you are just learning how to speak English, look for sites that start with the basic concepts of the language. Also look for those with examples of conversational English. Rather than get struck with the “technical” details of the language, you will learn the basic and important phrases. If you just want to polish up your English, then you should look for advanced sites.

Other Information

You are not limited to reading materials. There are now many sites which use videos and audio. There are also forums where you can interact with other people. There are many other utilities which can help you. These include English dictionaries, glossaries as well as guides explaining the proper use of nouns, prepositions and so on. Many websites also have information on how to write English properly.

Online courses for free English are among the common resources on the web. You will not have any problems finding websites about it. Just make sure that the information given is accurate. With enough practice you will be on your way to mastering the language.