Online Courses for Free for Children

Online courses for free for children are like virtual schools. They are intended to entertain but at the same time educate youngsters on the Internet. Not only do kids learn various subjects, but they also discover how to use a computer. The best thing is these sites are free.

Overview and Features

Group of children in a primary school in Paris

Many of these sites are designed in such a way as to accommodate children of various ages. This is deliberate on their part so parents dont have to surf to other sites. The features are divided by grades (kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 etc). Some sites offer up to grade 6, while others offer kids study material for grades 7 and up. These websites will also show the categories they have.

Some sites focus on specific lessons like English or math. Other e learning for kids sites use games instead. The larger sites will have different subjects like math, English, arts and crafts, health, computer, science etc.


These sites are very easy to use. Just click on the grade or subject. The study materials or game selection will appear. Click it to load the material. The interface is easy to understand so your kids will know what to do. These sites also provide instructions to clarify things further.

How to Pick the Right Site

Check the site out first. How easy is it to navigate? Is it suitable for the kids age? Can they find the lessons easily or is the place covered with ads? Whenever possible, spend time with younger children as they learn the lessons on the site. Guide them when necessary, but also let them explore and learn on their own.

Children in Jerusalem.

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You dont have to rely on lessons alone. There are many instructional games available. Because they come in the form of games, kids will have fun learning new things and concepts.

Other Information

Some of these kids online study sites are a combination of free and pay site. You have access to most of the materials without paying. The catch is there are banners. Once you become a member, the ads will disappear. Others provide extra information for members. Only you can decide if they are worth the price.

Online courses for free for children show just how important the web has become in terms of a teaching tool. While these sites are made for kids, parents will enjoy using them with their children too.