Online Courses for Free in NZ

Online courses for free in NZ are now being used by many students. There are several courses available that you can choose from. These Internet courses make you a qualified and skilled worker.


Internet courses come with all the necessary materials. Regardless of the subject, you will get guides and evaluations. Some of these courses are tuition based while others are free. There are courses from major universities in New Zealand. There are also specialty courses if you want to study a particular field.

Courses Available

Courses in education in New Zealand, especially those web based, are diverse. The major categories are accounting finance & bookkeeping, sales & marketing, retail. Courses in photography, journalism, make up and IT desktop applications are also available.

One of the more popular fields in the country is event planning. Sub-specialties include wedding planning, calligraphy and special event planning. Students are also taking up courses about the environment, floristry and education.

All these major courses have many subjects and divisions. In accounting, you will study bookkeeping, home business bookkeeping, office practices and payroll essentials among others. There are also courses on construction & building, coaching, business and management and architecture. Other poplar courses are in automotive, writing, editing & publishing, tourism, share trading, psychology, investments and literature.

More Courses

Among the most popular are hospitality, health & medicine and counseling. Students can specialize in childcare, aged care, arts & design, beauty therapy and agriculture. There are many others; before you sign up, check the university course list for more information.

Websites that list courses let you sort them in different ways. You can browse by occupation, training providers and so on.

Other Information

Do some research on NZ study resources before signing up. Many New Zeeland websites offer similar courses. But the quality and price will differ. There are many websites that offer advice for choosing courses. You can use them as resources.

If you are going to take part in online education, you have to register. You can choose from short courses, degrees, diploma and certificates. It is also possible to choose from specific locations like Auckland, Queenstown and so on. Various options may be available in other websites.

By taking online courses for free in NZ, you will be able to study at a less strenuous pace. They are more flexible than the usual classes where you have to adjust your lifestyle.