Online Courses for Free Microbiology

Online courses for free microbiology are proving to be valuable resources for students taking up the subject. There is also information for those who have finished the course but want to continue their studies.

Course Contents

Some of these courses are introductory in nature. Among the topics are viruses, fungi and bacteria. These online programs also study the different organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Students learn about those organisms that bring about diseases. Related topics like pathology and immunology may also be explored.

These programs also discuss what job opportunities are available for graduates. Participants in the course will also learn about biomedical research. These researchers conduct independent work and provide their findings to medical and scientific institutions. Free microbiological programs explain what PhD programs are available.

Additional Features

These courses may also have links to different microbiological fields including bacterial and viral pathogenesis, host defense mechanisms and molecular genetics. Students can also discuss topics like virology, medical microbiology and molecular biology. Some of these programs have prep courses to help you in qualifying exams. These programs also have tips for writing in the appropriate style.

There are also programs which center on various lab specializations. These include pathobiology, virology and bacteriology. New fields of study including infectious diseases and biosecurity are also covered. Because these courses cover a lot of ground, you can pick an area to study.

Online and Hybrid Sites

Many free sites focus on topics that do not require any sort of lab work. Tuition based sites will usually include this. Because hands-on experience is required, you will have to do some on-campus work. A few websites utilize lab simulations so the lessons can be done over the web.

Other Information

There are many other subjects which are covered in these sites. Among them are infectious medicine, microscopic pathogens and bacterial genetics. Students can also learn about antibiotic resistances, vaccine development and gene regulation. These websites also focus on how graduate degrees can expand their career.

These programs also detail the practical applications of the subject. They also learn how microbiology helps in pharmaceutical development, preventive care and public health research. Many of these courses also cover gene therapy and other emerging fields.

Online courses for free microbiology can also take up studies about genetic defects. After they graduate, these students can find work in research institutes, hospitals, scientific centers and government agencies.