Online Courses for Free On ICT

Today’s Digital Age has made the world a much smaller place in that we can now easily reach out to people thousands of miles away from us with the click of a button.

It has also made the world a freer and more open space in that anything and everything can be made public for mass consumption via cyberspace.

Now, you can fully utilize various components of the ICT and earn yourself big bucks just by being online, working online or developing projects for online uploading. How so?

Being online basically means you have a business online – selling stuff or selling ad spaces on your website; working online could mean that you are teaching or writing online; while developing projects for online uploading could mean web development or programming.

However which way you want to take advantage of the Digital Age, there are online courses for free on ICT that you can take in order to help you maximize the advantages of this particular technological advancement.

Free Online Courses on Programming

If you wish to become a programmer, there are free online courses on ICT that provide basic tutorials for Visual Basic.Net and PHP programming.

There are courses for beginners and there are courses for those who know a bit about programming.

Basic Computer Skills Online Courses

If you’re one of those who are rather late bloomers in terms of computer usage and you pretty much get lost in the maze of computer applications, there’s hope for you, yet.

There are courses on PC Usage that can teach you all about how to use your personal computer, from customizing your desktop to storing data and all the way to installing and uninstalling programs or computer applications.

Utilizing the Internet

If you’re already lost in the maze of computer apps, what more with internet apps? Not to worry as there are likewise internet tutorials that can walk you through some of the most common internet apps including using search engines, bookmarking websites, using messaging services and communicating thru electronic mail.

On the other hand, if you already know your way around the internet, a tutorial that you may find very useful involves teaching you how to maximize the social media.

Social networking sites as well as blogs are useful tools in advertising your business, selling your products or services and increasing your network of clients and partners.

There are many other online courses that can teach you all about the various aspects of ICT and a good number of these can be accessed for free. They may not be as comprehensive as paid online courses but for basic knowledge, these are good enough to get you started.