Online Courses for French

Online courses for French are set up in different ways. Technological advances have made it possible to implement different kinds of elements in these lessons.

Course Contents and Features

The vast majority of these courses provide reading materials. Once you enter the website you can get into the lessons immediately. The information provided on these websites differs. Smaller sites offer just a few French phrases and common terms. However, complete courses have a lot of information.

Along with reading materials, some sites include printed materials. The latter is something you can carry around with you, making it a practical tool. Audio and video aids are also used nowadays.
One of the nicest features of online courses is the lessons are self-paced. This means even busy students can study French when they have the time.

Free Courses

Some of these courses are free. Many of them are designed for students who want to know basic up to intermediate French. These sites will include popular French sayings, idioms, greetings and other information.

Though they may not be comprehensive, these sites do provide enough information for the traveler who wants to know the basics of the language. Tuition based courses are more detailed. Some of them include instructors to help students.

Multimedia Elements

The use of audio and video are becoming increasingly common. Those who have difficulty comprehending the language will definitely find these useful. The use of multimedia is growing as internet connections become faster. To use these features however you need to have the right software installed. The built-in applications in your computer are often enough.

But other sites may require you to install specific programs. It is also possible to buy recording equipment and connect them to your computer. This will allow students to hear themselves speaking French expressions. It is an effective way to judge their skills.

Other Information

Many Internet websites use OpenCourseWare (OCW). These are courses which have been used in actual French language classrooms. These classes do not have instructors nor are they graded. But other sites use their own materials. Apart from the information online, they also have reading lists and additional materials. Forums are also included in these sites to help you with the exercises.

Online courses for French are not just about reading the language correctly. They now also have written exercises as well. There are also several sites which offer certificates for those who pass their tests.