Online Courses for Funeral Directing

Online courses for funeral directing are aimed at professionals who need to take CE (continuing education) classes. By taking CE courses, they will be able to meet the requirements needed to maintain their license.


In the past these courses were only available in classes. With the advent of Internet based education, you can now study at home. There are courses available not just for funeral managers but also their staff members who are studying.

Course Features

Web based courses are organized in many ways. Different kinds of news, reading materials and resources are offered for download or reading. Many courses use video, webcasts, webinars and video conferencing. These features make it possible for the participants and instructors to interact.

Aside from online resources, teleconference seminars are also held regularly. Its purpose is to update directors in matters of business and legislation. These Internet courses may also focus on keeping up with the industry standards. There will also be information on how to increase your business via education.

Regardless of which Internet course you sign up for, expect them to have links to the National Funeral Directors Association and its activities.

Content and Courses

There are many subjects which are covered in these web schools. Among them are strategic business planning, cremation, OSHA compliance updates and facts about account receivables.

Sometimes these meetings will take place off the web. But these days the meetings are usually done online via computer software. You may have to install special programs to avail of this feature. The application may also be provided by the site. Most of these webinars count for CE credits.

Email is required so you can communicate with other participants. Most of the training is conducted online, but supplementary materials are often provided. These usually consist of CDs, DVDs and books.

Other Information

There are many other topics which are covered in these sites. They include organ and tissue donation, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the role of the funeral director and funeral services in general.

Some of the courses you can study are funeral customs, burying with military honors, preserving human remains and other related topics. Once you are finished, a certification will be given.

Online courses for funeral directing have different varying costs. You should have a look at different sites before committing to one. Before signing up, read the regulations so you know what documents you have to submit.