Online Courses for Funeral Service Director

Online courses for funeral service director offer comprehensive and detailed studies. These programs are available in many colleges and universities. But not all of them have online versions of their school assignments.

Coursework Overview

These schools for funeral services start by focusing on the main subjects. These are gathering the remains, getting the body ready for burial rites and making the final disposition of the remains. These courses are available when you study for an associate of applied science degree (funeral education major).

Other required courses are humanities, communication skills development, English composition and business management. Knowledge of mathematics and public speaking are also needed. These courses usually have to be completed prior to taking the core subjects.

More Areas of Study

Among them are funeral counseling, embalming and the restorative arts. Aspirants must also take up pathology, microbiology and ethics. Students have to study courses in embalming chemistry, mortuary law and other services related to funeral customs. Students also have to be familiar with physiology and anatomy.

The coursework has to be 24 semester hours minimum; other colleges require more hours. Certificate programs are available for students who have degrees but not yet completed the coursework required of them.

Additional Features

Students have to complete credit hours before they can graduate. This will vary by college and state. In many states, an apprenticeship of two years is required before you become qualified for a license to practice. Requirements differ too.

In some colleges, you must have a bachelor’s or associate‚Äôs degree. In others, 60 semester hours are needed. In certain schools, students have to take one of five coursework topics. These include biological or natural science, religion, business, English and psychological sciences.

Field Work Required

Few of these colleges are entirely online. Some classes will require you to attend classes in person. Field work is part of the curriculum. Participants learn how to perform embalming procedures and dealing with grieving people.

Other Information

Before enrolling, be certain that the funeral service college is accredited. Every state has their own regulatory board that sets the standards. These are also the groups responsible for issuing licenses and permits for funeral directors. They also provide licenses for embalmers.

Online courses for funeral service director cover more than the average tasks. They span the entire range of mortuary service. Those who graduate will be more than familiar with the basic and advanced procedures and processes.