Online Courses for Funeral Services

Online courses for funeral services can get you started on the right track. Whether you have always wanted this or need a career change, these courses will get you ready for the tasks ahead.

Coursework Overview

Funeral service colleges cover everything from fundamental to advanced courses. These programs include basic principles, management, laws, rules and regulations and pathology. You will also learn about restorative art, counseling, embalming principles, embalming lab and practicum. Field experience is also taught in these programs. Other subjects concentrate on terminology, grief and bereavement, reactions to death and variations in funeral practices due to cultural differences.


You can choose from a bachelor’s degree in mortuary science, an associate’s degree in applied science, an associate of arts degree in funeral science and many others. The duration of these courses vary; some last for several months or a year.

These schools require students to complete a specific number of semester hours before they can graduate. You can earn a degree or get a certificate. Those who take a certificate course have to take the National Board Exam.

Additional Details

Universities with funeral services give you the chance to focus on restorative arts and on-site lab training. Theoretical concepts can be learned online, but these components are taught in live classes. You can also study marketing and counseling. The emphasis in these courses is on mortuary science.

Students also have to understand the fundamental principles of law that affect the funeral business. A course on funeral law includes studies on burial, rights and wrongs concerning the body and burial standards. A student must also learn about cemetery law and state rules and regulations.

Funeral Business and Management Topics

These courses explain the best management practices with emphasis on running the business. The concentration is on applicable federal regulations, OSHA, advertising, price determination and quotation. There are also courses on insurance, funeral service merchandising, funeral home budget and employer/employee relations.

As a funeral service director you must also be trained on staff organization. There are also topics on continuing education, embalming procedures, operating a funeral home and general licensure.

Other Information

Subjects on funeral service principles teach you about professional attitudes, ethical practices, vocabulary funeral merchandise and religious practices. You will also learn the basic services that a funeral director has to perform.

Online courses for funeral services are becoming more commonplace. Even though they are online, you can get the training needed to be a professional.