Online Courses for GED in Canada

For those who aren’t familiar with GED, it is a high school equivalency system wherein individuals who weren’t able to finish high school can still get a diploma equivalent to a high school diploma.

You have to take and pass the GED Test in order to earn the diploma. Now, GED is generally available in the United States and Canada. Both countries recognize the GED Certificate as equal to a high school diploma.

If you will be taking the tests in Canada, it is important that you look for review courses that are applicable to the GED Test being offered in this country.

There are quite a few online courses for GED in Canada that you can avail of 24-7, wherever you are in the country – or the world for that matter.

US GED Test vs. Canada GED Test: Is There a Difference?

Major differences between the US version of the GED Test and its Canadian counterpart lie in two areas: Social Studies and Mathematics.

Questions on history, civics and government differ. In Mathematics, metric units are used for Canada’s GED Test while US measurements are used for US GED Test.

This is why it is of utmost importance that you study for the right GED Test based on which country you will be taking it to increase your chances of passing each section the first time around.

Online Courses for GED in Canada

There are online courses for GED in Canada as well as GED training programs specific to the Canadian version of the tests that you can enroll in whenever you are ready. Much like GED prep courses online for the US version, Canadian GED review courses will generally give you lessons for each part of the GED Test.

There are five sections that you need to prepare for and these are categorized in much the same way that the US GED Test sections are determined: Writing, Mathematics, Science, Literature and the Arts, and Social Studies.

Apart from getting lessons on each section, you can also get tips on how to answer GED questions as well as review tests for all parts of the GED from your online courses for GED in Canada.

When you take the practice tests, you will notice that most of the questions seem to have answer choices that are all correct.

You can get tips on how to analyze each answer option and eliminate those that you deem are not appropriate answers for the question until you get to the last one that seems the most likely answer.