Online Courses for Geology

Online courses for geology are not just for professionals. They are also available for science students. Just like their brick and mortar counterparts, you can earn a diploma on the web.


You will find out about renewal processes and recycling, plate tectonics and geomagnetism. These courses go through the various eras and eons of the earth. This includes studies about fossils. Other topics focus on erosion, earth’s interior and geophysical properties. Students will also learn about the planet’s companions, geologic resources, waves, beaches and coasts.

There are also subjects on glaciers and glaciations, wind action, deserts, ground water, streams and floods. Classes also discuss metamorphism, metamorphic rocks and hydrothermal rocks. Sedimentary and sediment rocks can be learned as well.


After you finish an online course on the subject, you should be able to understand the history of geology. Students will also understand facts about mining, gemstones and precious stones. Graduates will have no problem explaining facts about the rock cycle, analyze rock types and minerals.


Information can be read directly on the web. Other materials have to be downloaded and viewed with a PDF reader. Movies and animation are employed to make the lessons more interactive. Terms used in geology are provided so new students can use them. Exams, quizzes and tests are used to test your knowledge.

Courses can be studied on the web. But most of them have a printer friendly version of their files. You need to have a steady Internet connection. You must know how to use a word processor. Some programs require you to attend their campus. But some classes are entirely on the web. This is preferred by many as you don’t have to do any traveling.

Other Information

There are also topics about igneous rocks, mass wasting, weathering and soil. Extrusive rocks and volcanism are studied in detail. The relationship between atoms, minerals and elements are also included in class curriculums. These are just some of the topics that will be discussed.

There are also courses about earthquakes, geologic structures, mountain belts and the continental crust. Properties of the sea floor are part of these classes. Additional subjects may be included.

Free online courses for geology can be just as detailed as a regular class. However, tuition based sites provide diplomas and certifications. These are recognized by institutions around the US and can be used when applying for a job in the field.