Online Courses for Green Keeping

Online courses for green keeping are not as popular as other web education programs. But for those who are interested in lawn management, garden design and similar subjects, these courses will meet your needs.


These courses are mainly concerned with turf management. These programs are made to give you a firm foundation necessary to work in the industry. Those who graduate can become a greens manager or superintendent in bowling clubs, racing circuits, golf courses, turf clubs and other fields.

Web courses also teach you how to work in a grass seed company or turf supply. There are also special services that train you to become a technician, marketing or sales representative in greens management. You can also find work as a gardener, turf nurseries’ personnel or garden technician. You will also learn how to diagnose problems. Enrollees are instructed how to fix different kinds of turf issues.

Features and Contents

These programs develop the students’ skills so they can function in the industry sector they chose. The lessons will include understanding of turf species growth. Students will also learn how to apply proper practices to set up and maintain different types of turf species.

Part of the course will include landscape skill development. Internet courses also explain the tasks of a green keeper. There are subjects aimed specifically at those who want to work in councils, sports fields, bowling greens and so on. These sites have different features, so unique teaching methods are required.

Web based courses start with the basics and proceed to more advanced subjects. The course length varies. Some last for 100 hours while others are for 700 hours. There are other topics which are covered including handling of turf at home, commercial or recreational places. Part of the course involves turf culture, selection and identification. Other subjects that you will study are mowing and lawn service methods.

Other Information

There are other topics which you can study. Among them are taking care of lawns, plant care, organics, studying indoor tropical plants, fruit and nut production and many more. These courses are not just for professionals. They are also ideal for people who just want to maintain their lawn.

As the facts show, online courses for green keeping are very comprehensive. It used to be that they were only available in special classes. But with the Internet, it is now possible to learn them without leaving home.