Online Courses for Hospitality Management

Online courses for hospitality management are also known as hotel management programs. Colleges and universities across the US offer them. A degree is not a requirement, but educational knowledge is going to be a plus.

Coursework Overview

Hospitality management programs will have different features. The following are some of the topics that a student must go over. Among them are facilities management, basic financial accounting for the hospitality industry and international hotel management.

If you have to take up hotel management, you have to study marketing, hospitality sales, human resources management and handling food and beverage. Other areas of study are employee relations, industry computer systems, security and loss prevention. As a student you also have to take up housekeeping, managing front office operations and other basic concepts.

More Course Options

These include sanitation and safety, serving the international visitor, tourism, marketing of tourism and travel agency Basics. You can also pursue an intensive study of travel, leisure, and the tourism industry.

Cleaning management, tourism transportation systems, principles of hospitality franchise management and entrepreneurship are often included in a class curriculum. Technology applications in the hospitality industry, food production, gaming laws and handling of dining room management are also studied.

Degrees and Other Programs

Universities with hospitality management programs offer several degrees for students. Among the most popular are bachelor’s degree programs in event management, restaurant and food service management. You can also study subjects that focus on being a hospital manager. There are also graduate and undergraduate degree classes. Apart from hotel management, a concentration in hospitality administration is available.

Live Training

This can take many forms. Some of them allow you to have on-the-job training in a hotel or restaurant depending on what you take up. Several hundred hours of field work is required before a student can graduate. This includes on-site work and internship.

Other Information

There are many other subjects that you have to study. Even the most basic course will explain the scope and intricacy that comes with working within the industry. You will learn the ins and outs of the tourism business, hospitality, cruise lines, entertainment centers and theme venues. You may also study how casinos operate, management definitions and hospitality issues. Supervisory training is also included in these classes.

Online courses for hospitality management are also available in many free sites. These will not cost you a thing. However, there are limitations, including not getting a degree or certificate.