Online Courses for Hospitality

Graduating from online courses for hospitality makes the students eligible to work in hotels or in restaurant management. Formerly just available in brick and mortar universities, they are now available on the Internet.


These programs make it possible for busy people to learn at their own pace. Most of these programs offer degrees at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s level. The associate’s degree is the most basic of the three. Taking this degree makes students qualified for work in entry-level management positions.

However, it also depends on the size of the hotel / restaurant. If they are small, those with an associate’s degree may get higher positions. Associate degree programs will require students to complete general education programs.

Coursework Features

This will vary from course to course, but they will likely include restaurant management, hospitality facilities management and hotel and restaurant marketing and merchandising. You will also study hospitality financial accounting, hotel management and nutrition principles. These courses also offer hospitality management tips.

Bachelor’s Degrees

This will require 120 credit hours to be completed. They are comprised of general education as well as courses related to hospitality in general. Elective credits are also needed here. There are several topics covered here including personnel management in hospitality, hotel operations and menu and food production.

There are also advanced topics for managing hotels, tourism policy and planning. Personnel management is also a common topic covered in these web based schools. Many of these programs are designed for students who have completed a specific number of credit hours coursework. Other universities may have other requirements so verify just to be sure.

Master’s Degree in Hospitality

Studying these degrees will qualify you for upper level positions in hospitality related work. Some of these programs will last for two years. Several subjects will be tackled here including hospitality law. But graduates will be qualified to work in high end hospitality sites and resorts.

Credit hours required range from 30 to 45 hours. Among the courses which you will study are assuming leadership, developing strategies, leadership and tourism development. Global tourism and management of resorts are also covered. Some websites will also offer more courses that are associated with the subject.

Online courses for hospitality are just like those in universities. They can be challenging, but they can be quite profitable. Whichever you choose, make sure the school you sign with is registered.