Online Courses for Hotel Management

Online courses for hotel management / hospitality management have been used by students around the US. The programs they offer are top of the line. Plus they also provide the convenience afforded by Internet classes.

Coursework Overview

Among the major subjects that will be discussed are managerial communications and skills, travel, lodging and tourism. Students will also be introduced to the ins and outs of the hotel industry. Bachelor’s, associate’s and master’s degrees are available. In some colleges, hotel service and leadership studies. industry internship, principles of marketing, operational management and cost control are also covered.

Topics are not just limited to hotel marketing and managing. There are also subjects about budgeting, accounting and finance management. Students who take finance in this field are taught how to network with graduates for internship studies.

The order in which you study these courses can vary. But usually they begin with computer software applications, the ones that students will be using. This is followed by food production and operations. Room division operations, housekeeping and the duties of a front office manager are explained.

This part of the course describes the function of those working at a hotel. Other areas of study are health, safety and security procedures and interacting with guests. They also learn how to cope with problems and potential conflicts.

Additional Subjects

There are also specific topics centering on strategic branding and marketing. Specific training is available for aspiring hotel managers too. Not all courses are from paid sites. Some of them are offered free. You will find many courses that offer free tips for hotel planning and marketing. The number of courses offered depends on the site entirely. But many American universities offer several hospitality management programs.


These are available in a number of universities. Among them are resort and day spa management, event management and wine studies. In spa / resort management, the topics include operations, recreation planning and marketing.

Other Information

Apart from the major subjects, other topics covered will be food production operations and systems, beverage and bar service and facilities management. There are also many websites which offer online-only programs. So don’t be surprised to find if there are institutions offering hotel research, statistics and legal issues online.

Online courses for hotel management are not always purely on the web. Many incorporate live elements. Before you enroll, take a look at their academic program and see what they really have on tap.