Online Courses for ICD 9 Coding

Online courses for ICD 9 coding have to be studied by anyone who wants to become a medical coder. The need for storing electronic health records is growing. That is why ICD (International Classification of Diseases) is an integral part of any coding curriculum.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with ICD-9 programs start by explaining how to use the classification system for designating codes to a procedure or diagnosis. Modules may be divided into introduction and coding fundamentals, diagnosis coding (ICD-9-CM), evaluation and management services.

There may also be modules on coding anesthesia services, musculoskeletal procedures, coding integumentary procedures and coding at surgery. You will also learn coding on medicine services, pathology and laboratory services.

Coding for radiology, eye, ocular, and auditory procedures are also covered in these classes. In addition, you will also study nervous system procedures, endocrine, obstetrics, urinary/genital coding processes. Digestive system procedures, cardiovascular and respiratory processes must also be studied.

Additional Details

ICD-9 programs also teach you basic information. A novice student will learn different types of coding systems, differences between ICD-9 vs. ICD-10 and levels of HCPCS coding. In modules on diagnosis coding, the topics will focus on assigning codes for the supplementary coding classifications, using symbols, conventions and terminology.

There are also subjects on categories of CPT codes, specific modifier identification and assessment. A student must also go through assigning CPT codes for anesthesia, breast procedures, adjacent tissue transfers and codes for Moh’s surgery, Excision of benign and malignant lesions, surgical modifiers designation and many others.

Job Options for Graduates

Graduates of these courses can work in hospital, insurance firms, clinics and physicians’ offices. Your chances of getting a job depend on which school you studied. That is why an accredited program is necessary. These courses are available in the health programs of universities. Coding is usually bundled in Health Information Management (HIM) or similar fields. Aside from coding, you also have to study communication between a health care professional and patients.

Coding is a major component of these health programs. Using these programs, you can end up with a diploma or pursue a degree. But it is possible for students to study a single course. The requirements will vary per class; so will their lengths.

Online courses for ICD 9 coding are more convenient than studying in regular classrooms. After completing this program, you can take continuing education classes too. Some of these programs are free.