Online Courses for IELTS

Online courses for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) can prepare you for the exam. These tests are used to determine your academic and general English skills. After completing these courses you will be better prepared for admission into English speaking colleges.

Coursework Overview

IELTS programs will expand your skills in writing, reading and listening in English. Modules on speaking English are going to center on providing personal information, linking ideas and emphasizing fluency. Writing courses are going to have you write an essay, edit and correct written texts. You will also learn how to write a summary.

A standard reading course will teach you speed reading, use a dictionary and read intensively and critically. Many of the programs on the web help you focus on each section. You can work on the section that needs improvement. If you are weak in reading, there are websites that can help you. Knowing the structure of the exam also helps.

Additional Details

Other subjects are going to describe figures and facts. The subjects here will include line graphs, bar and pie charts and preparing tables. A reading course includes topic sentence identification, understanding paragraphs, Identifying the audience and genre. Text orientation is included. Elements in this course include using headings and formatting. These training courses help teachers determine how these exams are graded.

Facts about ESL/EFL

There are hundreds of testing facilities that offer the IELTS exam. ESL/EFL (English as a Second or Foreign Language) teachers will benefit by having a certificate in English. It proves their competence. These programs explain techniques that teachers can use to educate students.

Participants will learn the contents and format of these exams. You will also get pedagogical advice to aid students. There are some institutions that have IELTS teacher training facilities.

Other Information

There are many websites that offer free information about IELTS. These are for educators who want to expand their knowledge. The format is ideal for those who prefer self-study. You can download files to help with your training.

These usually include past exam resources. You get information about worksheets and how the exam works. These websites have sections on academics, writing, reading and speaking. There are also several topics that focus on material and teaching ideas for students.

Online courses for IELTS can be found throughout the web. However, the information they provide varies. It is best to start by comparing their features.