Online Courses for IIT-JEE

There are online courses for IIT-JEE designed to help those who want to take the exams. Preparation for the test takes time, so using resources online can be of assistance.


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The various IIT-JEE resources function like a coach. Unlike real classes, you dont have to attend classes x number of times a week. The lessons can be retrieved and downloaded any time of the day. All the important subjects like physics, chemistry etc are covered. The information is supplemented by various study materials.

Lectures and Practice Tests

Internet resources also have virtual instructors. They provide lessons and instructions via test, video or both depending on the site. An increasing number of websites now have live video broadcasts or recordings.

Practice exam, past papers, and past results can be accessed on the web too. When you use these online resources, you will also see solutions to past tests and discussion forums. The latter is particularly helpful when it comes to making preparations and tackling various aspects of the subject. Some of these websites offer general advice, while others focus on specific areas in India.

Corresponded Preparation

The way online classes work for this exam varies. A common technique is the correspondence method. This is designed for people who cannot attend the class in person. Basically the site will provide the online study materials plus support.

An instructor will be provided to assess your progress. In other words, you are not studying on your own. The resources on the site are intended to help you get through the test.

Self Study

Of course you can always study online on your own. There are several blogs where IIT-JEE tips can be read for free. They also offer personal accounts from people who have taken the test. Many people still prefer coaching classes, but the Internet has made it possible to study on your own.

The amount of time you spend studying will determine how well you do. If you are not getting coached, you have to put in several hours a day. At least four hours a day is the ideal minimum. Aside from the Internet, you should also read books.

The online courses for IIT-JEE allow you to access notes and other information taken from their classrooms. This will make the student feel like they are in a real classroom. Of course you will need to have a stable Internet connection to handle this.