Online Courses for Insurance Broker

Whether you wish to specialize in car insurance, health insurance, life insurance or other types of insurance; there are courses for insurance brokers as well as insurance agents that you can enroll in both for on-site and online learning.

Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Agent

Now, before you look at online courses for insurance brokers or courses for insurance agents, you must decide which one you would like to be. Well actually, the courses and trainings that you will take to become an insurance agent are also what you will generally need to become an insurance broker.

The main difference between a broker and an agent is the manner by which they are employed. A broker works independently and works with a network of insurance providers; while an agent works for one insurance company alone and remains under their employment, following the company rules and regulations and other policies.

Online Courses for Insurance Broker

Countries or states have certain rules governing insurance brokers who wish to work within their jurisdiction. Mandatory qualifying tests need to be taken and passed plus trainings and additional courses may also be required, depending on the state requirements.

Now, online courses for insurance broker are generally geared towards helping you pass your licensing exam.

Since different states may have different licensing exams again, depending on their own set of regulations, you may have to check your state’s regulatory board or equivalent body as to which online courses you need to take.

You have to be sure on this matter so you can immediately apply for a license once you pass your exam and start work as an insurance broker – that, and to avoid taking courses that will be of no use to you in the end.

Licensing and Continuing Education Courses

Whatever state you wish to get your license from, you will need to take basic courses to prepare you on how to become an insurance broker. Some courses provide web-based study materials while others will provide you with the necessary textbooks.

If textbooks are needed for the course and your course fee already covers all the books, the online school will ship the books to your address or you may also arrange for a pick-up whichever is more convenient for you.

There are also Continuing Education courses that you may have to take in order to be updated on changes in insurance regulations. The courses will help you better serve your clients as you give them more information about their insurance options.