Online Courses for Insurance Licensing

Online courses for insurance licensing gives people the chance to study using the resources on the Internet. Because the quality of information is high, companies now recognize the license training obtained from the Internet. After getting a license you can sell insurance and give quotes.


All pre-insurance training need specific number of hours but this varies per state. Next you have to choose an online site. Ensure that the standards are high. They have to be specific to the requirements in your area. There are many kinds of insurance concepts being taught online.

Some websites focus on one course while other programs offer several. The features of these programs vary. Compare each one before signing up. Make sure you understand the basic facts proceeding.

Exam Notes

Every test is different. The questions you will get on the state test are not the ones on the pre-licensing exam. But there are several resources on the web that can help. The acceptable exam score is usually 90%.

For the state exam it is 70%. This is usually the rate whether you are interested in health insurance or another subject.

Life and Health Agent License

This type of license usually needs a study time of 40 hours. You have to pass all the assignments before you can take the exam. Online tests have practice files and video lessons too.

There are also online sites that offer books when you buy their training course. They cover other concepts including life and car insurance.

Casualty Agents and Brokers

It is now possible to learn online how to sell commercial and personal casualty and fire insurance. Usually these sites have 40 hour courses. There are also hundreds of exam tips and questions. Just like with other insurance types, online sites offer plenty of explanations for this variant. Besides the practice questions, there are also lectures in video. The site will specify what its features are.

Other Information

The ethics code Internet training usually lasts 12 hours. In most states you are required to take this test. However, there are plenty of explanations offered. Unless you take this test, you will not be able to get a license.

When choosing online courses for insurance licensing, make sure that it conforms to the rules in your country or state. You should set the state test as soon as you get the certification. The costs of these sites differ so some research will be necessary.