Online Courses for Interior Decorating

While live classes are still popular, there are now many online courses for interior decorating. Unlike in the past, their Web based counterparts are just as feature packed.


These courses cover the basics as well as the advanced concepts that go with designing interiors. Apart from decorating fundamentals, space management, textures, finishes and color coordination are taken into account. Internet based courses can teach you how to match these while meeting the demands of clients.

Features to Look For

Make sure the online school you choose is accredited by your state or country’s interior decorator organization. This ensures that when you graduate, you will get a certificate that the industry recognizes. The online course must also be flexible. For instance, many of the top Web based sites allow the courses to be printed. They must also give you a certificate or diploma of some kind.

Interior design and decoration covers a lot of aspects. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Is it trying to run a business focused on interior decor? Or is it on window and wall treatments? Or are you looking for a course that emphasizes customization of client demands?

Preview the Course

Before you sign up for online courses for interior decorating, use the sites free demo (this may require an online registration).

Examine the demo carefully. Does it cover basic decoration principles? Is the site easy to navigate? Is the design coherent or do you have to spend time looking for a particular link?

Going Beyond the Basics

Decorating involves more than just putting item A here and item B there. The course must also provide instructions for lighting, as it affects the appearance of the furniture.

Other subjects that should be covered by the course are fittings, furnishing selection, room planning and measuring. It is mandatory that there is a color sample board presentation color, color theory and other design principles.

Other Information about These Courses

Courses on the Web often have different levels. The lower levels cover only the basics of decors. The advanced ones are available on the higher levels.

The cost for these online courses varies greatly. Before you sign up, study all the options. Be certain you are getting your moneys worth. You are not only going to pay for the money, but also time as well. So try to find one that offers a flexible schedule.