Online Courses for IT Security

Online courses for IT security have become very important as more and more people upload personal and financial information on the Internet. There are now several programs on the web available for those who want to take up this type of work.


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These web based programs explore the various ways cyber criminals work. Participants are taught how to keep computer networks and IT systems safe. These programs also emphasize how to keep these systems secure even when they are offline.

Contents and Features

Web based programs offer different kinds of information for their enrollees. Some courses are aimed at technical personnel who develop programs to counter hacking attempts on computer networks. There are also separate courses for those who are non-technical (i.e., business managers). There are also many courses made just for technical professionals.

Some of the topics which are explained are information risk management, white collar crime and cyber laws. After these courses are finished, the site will award the graduates a certificate. In some websites you can earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology degree. Several websites also let you specialize in specific areas like information systems.

Some websites even offer a master’s degree in cyber-terrorism and computer security. A lot of these websites will provide participants a solid understanding of cryptology. Various aspects of cyber crime are covered. In some cases, students are taught the fundamentals of intruder detection and forensics.

These courses explain how to shield a company’s database and information and proper installation of computer software security. These courses also explain how to properly configure these programs. The more advanced programs emphasize how to prosecute these types of crimes. These Internet programs also center on the ways cyber criminals use the latest electronic gadgets.

Other Information

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If you just want to learn the basics, you can make do with a certificate program. If you want to gain more knowledge or have better career prospects, a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree will be needed. For example, you can focus on computer science. Other web based program lessons are done from the viewpoint of the hacker. This makes it easier to determine the nature of the criminal mind.

Online courses for IT security also explore the ways to anticipate a cyber attack and what methods will be used. These lessons also point to the likely areas that will be targeted. This makes it possible to plot a counteroffensive.