Online Courses for Jamaicans

Online courses for Jamaicans have become very popular among distance learning students. The sheer number of degrees offered gives you plenty of options career wise.


Courses offered in Jamaican universities differ. History, philosophy, literature, science, mathematics and the arts are just some of them. Business management, culinary skills development and health and safety are also online. Jamaican students can also major in language training, IT, computer sconce, web design, computer programming or IT security. It is also possible to earn a social worker’s degree on the web.

Public administration and various military sciences classes have become virtual as well. Study programs for librarians, communication, journalism and law are on the web too. Various health sciences, environmental studies and engineering courses can be studied on the Internet. There are also subjects on economics, cultural and ethnic studies and religion.


The majority of Internet study programs use Blackboard, an online education platform. Assignments are submitted on the web. Instructors are usually provided. The information presented depends on the course you are taking. Anatomy lessons have 3D graphics or animation showing the different parts of the human body. Math courses make extensive use of graphics and illustrations.

Foreign language courses use audio files to help with pronunciation. Streaming and recorded video are used in many lessons too. Links, online libraries and other resources are there. Even though you are studying online, there is a great deal of interaction.

Email, social networks, instant messages and forums are used by students and teachers. In fact many courses require students to use forums for debate and discussions.


Web-based classes are known for their flexible schedule. Whether you are in Jamaica or not you can pick the time to study. Students can also mix and match courses. There is no need to travel. You can access the courses anywhere, anytime. The majority of these classes are available 24/7.

All students get to voice their opinion online. Another advantage is that there are many subjects available online that cannot be found in books. Research is also easier to do on the web.

Other Information

There are also hybrid courses for architecture, agriculture and statistics. Virtual courses on chemistry, Earth sciences and physics are no longer uncommon. Aspiring sociologists, psychologists and political scientists may take their lessons online.

Online courses for Jamaicans have different tuition prices. Some of them are free. However, not all of them are accredited. Formal accredited sites have tuition fees.