Online Courses for JCCC

Online courses for JCCC (Johnson County Community College) give students an opportunity for students to learn in an affordable way. Apart from Internet degrees, the College has certificates and degrees to aid in career advancements.


Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnson County Community College has several options. These include online degrees and certificates, an online credit course information guide and their Internet classes for spring and summer. You will also find information on how to get into these programs.

Internet Courses

Different subjects are available including accounting, basics of income taxes, small business accounting, computerized accounting applications and cost accounting. Students can also take courses on administration of justice, anthropology, art history and astronomy. Other areas of study are biology, business office technology, business, history, foreign language, education and early childhood and computer web. There are also courses about computer personal computer app, chemistry and civil engineering technology.

Online Certificates and Degrees

These courses can lead to a variety of certificates or degrees. Many of these courses can be studied entirely on the web. Others are hybrid. The school has three associate’s degrees: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree (AAS) and Associate of Arts Degree (AA).

Degrees Available

The choices include Marketing and Management AAS; Liberal Arts, AA; Paralegal, AA; Fire Services Administration, AA; Fashion Merchandising, AAS and Entrepreneurship, AAS. Other degrees are for Energy Performance & Resource Management – Residential Auditing, AAS; Early Childhood Education, AS; Computer Information Systems, AAS; Business Administration, AAS; Biotechnology, AAS & AS; Administration of Justice, AA and Accounting, AAS.


The College has numerous certificate programs. The subjects include teleservice representative, sales and customer relations, retail sales representative, marketing specialist entrepreneurship and visual merchandising entrepreneurship.

There are also certification programs for fashion merchandising entrepreneurship, business plan, web applications, personal computer applications specialist and database. There are also certificate programs for construction management, tax preparation and certified nurse aide.

Tuition Fees

The cost is $ 81 per credit hour for people in Johnson County. For other Kansas county residents it is $ 96 per credit hour. For those out of state, the cost is $ 189 per credit hour. These figures are subject to change. The College also has various forms of financial aid for students. There are many ways to pay for continuing education programs. Options include in person, by web, phone or by mail.

Online courses for JCCC are always being updated. However, their website updates the contents regularly.