Online Courses for Jewelry Design

Online courses for jewelry design provide would-be designers the opportunity to learn this craft at home. With the aid of the Internet and computer software, mastering this craft is going to be easier. The latest statistics from the  US Bureau of Labor Statistics report 23,410 people are currently employed as  jewelers and precious stone and metal workers in America with an average annual salary of $36,620.

While this is a specialized field of study, the Internet has recently provided new job paths for many people and this is one people are starting to turn to as more and more look for job opportunities from home to supplement their incomes. One of the largest growing segments and opportunities is indeed Online Courses for Jewelry Design.

Coursework Overview

These programs use 2D & 3D computer software to teach students how to make jewelry. Usually, a CAD (computer aided design) program is used. A CAD program takes 10 – 20 weeks to finish. A 2D course can take 8 – 15 weeks. If you want to study 2D – 3D jewel design, the program will take 18 – 35 weeks.

This is assuming you study 5 to 10 hours a week. Courses are arranged from simple to difficult. You will start by learning the software that will be used. Some sites use proprietary software; these are run off their website or have to be downloaded.


Lectures for Online Courses for Jewelry Design can be accessed through the websites offering these courses. Video and animation are used to demonstrate how jewelry is made. Notes are provided for reference. These websites offer links to various resources too. This is aside from the information you can research on the web. The biggest benefit is there is no need to travel. You can study at home.


Instructors are provided by these sites. They will send out assignments. You can communicate with them via email. In some websites, group conferencing is used instead. Tutorials, tests and other exams are given out on a regular basis.

Before you take part in any of these courses, registration is required. If it is a pay site, you will choose the pay options during this time. Go through the site’s curriculum before signing up.


Most of these programs have no requirements. Both free and pay sites are open to anyone who wants to learn how to make jewelry. You just need to have the proper software installed as well as the equipment and supplies for actual jewelry design and production, of course.

Other Information

Trial courses are available in several websites. Use this opportunity to learn what you can about the website. Usually there are no deadlines to finish a project. Most of the time you don’t need to buy textbooks or study guides. If you are interested in becoming a professional designer, get a site that provides a certification of completion.

If you are just starting out, free online courses for jewelry design should be tried out first. If you are serious about it, you can enroll in an online class. These study programs have tuition fees. But they are usually cheaper than brick and mortar programs.

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