Online Courses for Lab Technician

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Online courses for lab technician have made it possible for anyone to learn this skill at home. Web technology now makes it possible to submit assignments online.


The role of a lab tech is analyzing samples taken by a doctor. Aside from this, lab techs have other duties. Before taking this degree, check the credit hours. This is going to vary per class.


Core classes include biology, chemistry and microbiology. There may also be general education subjects that have to be completed. Another topic often studied is pathology. After basic courses are completed, students are trained to perform routine and intricate tests.

There are also subjects about microscopes and cell counters. These are tools used for parasite and bacterial detection. Chemical analysis of body fluids is also performed.

These courses also train you to develop analytical judgment and pay attention to detail. You will also be trained to do hematological, immunologic, microscopic and biological tests.

Another topic that will be taken up is cholesterol analysis. You will also be trained in reading blood glucose levels. Two of the most important subjects taught are infection control and sterilization.

It is possible to specialize in particular fields. You can focus on bacteria analysis or body fluid hormonal content assessment. You will also learn about manual and automated tasks. This is one of the most important subjects in these courses. A great deal of a lab tech’s task is being done computers. That is why knowledge of computer is mandatory.

Clinical Training

Not all subjects can be done online. Clinical training must still be conducted in a live medical facility. Some of the coursework mentioned are performed in labs at campus. These live classes usually take place after you finish all the online assignments. But in other study programs, live lessons are held alongside online studies.

Requirements and Schedules

For associate degrees, it is usually a high school diploma or GED. Higher degrees may have other prerequisites; check the site for more information. Most of these courses are scheduled on a quarterly basis. Cost is usually calculated per quarter, as are the credits.

Other Information

The cost of these sites differs. Make sure that you compare each one. The price tag will depend on the site and the course features.

Online courses for lab technician are every bit as challenging as if you took them in a traditional class. However, you have more control over the schedule.