Online Courses for Law in UK

Online courses for law in UK are no longer as rare as they used to be. Many of the courses are provided by universities so distance learners can take advantage of them. Accredited sites are recognized and accepted by educational institutions.


The majority of English universities present master’s of law (LLM) and bachelor of law (LLB) degrees. The students that enroll in these courses will have the advantage of studying on the Internet. The schedule online is less of a hassle.

Coursework Contents

Internet classes have many features including tutorials, assignments and other electronic resources. There are universities that offer several law subjects. Among them are legal theory, law of trusts, tort law, land law and public law. Other subjects that you can study are criminal law and common law. Many of these courses also point out the differences between UK and US laws.

Additional Features

Online law universities in the UK offer you the choice between online and face to face studies. Whichever you choose, you will have many study options and get to examine UK lawyer salaries. There are separate courses for students of different levels.

For example, there are courses for those who are degree holders, high school graduates and so on. You need to check out the features of the site before you take up one of these courses.

Duration and Fees

It depends on the schedule and time the student puts in. On the average it takes anywhere from three to eight years. The tuition fees ranges from 2,400 to over 4,000 pounds. The cost will depend on the programs you choose. The fees will be included in the site. You should look at as many courses as possible. This will give you a chance to compare the prices.

Other Information

These sites have specific requirements, and it differs per site. Some universities will require them to have 1st or 2nd class honors. Also, some online sites are more inclined to accept those with work experience. There are also many sites which combine tutorials with weekend classes. There are schools which require three high school A Level passes. If you are applying for the first time, check the learning platform they are using.

Online courses for law in UK will give students the qualifications needed to go to law school. The important thing is to ensure they are legitimate. There are resources for law students that you can use to check the status of online sites.