Online Courses for Lawyers

Online courses for lawyers are preferred by many because you can study from the comforts of home. Although the process is involved, it is feasible. You just need to meet the requirements.

US Laws on Online Legal Programs

Currently, only California allows students to take the bar after studying online. If you pass the bar and become a lawyer, you may be allowed to practice across the country. To earn a US law degree via the web, you have to move to California.

Becoming a Lawyer

Prior to studying online, you must finish your pre-legal education. At least a couple of years college work is required. The next step is to complete your online education. You can take the California Bar if you get 864 hours of study for each year via a corresponded course.

Choosing Online Schools

There are several Internet legal schools in California. You need to be careful when choosing. The Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California allows Internet schools to register with them. There is no accreditation, so you should investigate each site.

They have to cover important topics like legal writing, legal research, criminal law, constitutional law and so on. Check with the Committee to find the ones which are currently registered.


Anyone who wants to study law via the Internet has to register at the State Bar of California. This is done online. All of them have to pass an exam covering subjects like criminal law, contracts and various concepts. The exam is done twice yearly in June and October.
All would-be lawyers need to pass a moral character test which will be performed by the Committee.

Fingerprints, references and other information will be required. Your online law school will be consulted as well as your employers. You will be checked for criminal records and driving violations. This may take six months.

The final Exams

You then have to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. This will determine how well you understand lawyerly conduct. Once you have attained your law degree on the Internet, you can take the California Bar Exam.

These tests are difficult, but there are tips for law students you can use on the web. These may help you when studying.

The features and requirements for online courses for lawyers given here are applicable to the US. They may or may not be applied in other countries. To be sure, check your countrys rules and regulations.