Online Courses for LPN at CNA

Online courses for LPN at CNA (College of North Atlantic) provide a comprehensive study program for students. The following information gives you an outline of their classes.


CNA nursing programs is divided into semesters. During the first semester you study medical terminology, medication administration, caring relationships, physiology, anatomy and nursing concepts.

During the second semester, the subjects you have to study are nursing practice, health assessment, nursing practice for mental health and maternal-child health studies. During the fourth semester, topics include preceptorship, consolidated nursing practice and various professional issues.


Students should complete the following courses with at least a 65% average: language, math, chemistry or biology.


This program will teach students how to give proper nursing services for students. You will also learn how to use the Internet for studies. You will also find about supporting, maintaining, restoring, protecting and promoting the health of their patients. These programs combine online and lab work. Clinical training is required.


By the time they graduate, LPNs learn how to supervise certified nursing assistants, trainees and other employees. LPNs work under the guidance of RNs (registered nurses). By the time they graduate, students will learn how to work even though the registered nurse is not there. LPNs also ensure that charting is done properly.

Application Process

Those who want to enroll in this program have to provide the proper documentation. They must complete the application form and pay the required amounts. They must also present a copy of their birth certificate. Copies of their school transcripts are required. You must also present copies of post-secondary courses/programs and level II grades.

Other required documents are a personal statement, two references (forms provided) and if necessary an interview. All applicants must be 19 years old. They must have graduated from high school for one year minimum.

Tuition Fees

The price is $ 726.00 per semester. The costs of each program will vary though.

Other Information

The college has many other courses including tourism & natural resources, information technology, industrial trades, engineering technology, health sciences, business studies, applied arts and academics. There are also continuing education courses. These include a manager’s guide to human behavior, writing for office communications, cooking, digital design and fundamental of inventory management.

Online courses for LPN at CNA are some of the most comprehensive study programs in Atlantic Canada. Aside from Internet classes, there are more than a dozen campus locations across the Labrador and Newfoundland.