Online Courses for LPN Classes

Online courses for LPN classes are comparable to LVN. When it comes to work and pay, licensed vocational and licensed practical nurses are similar. Like other professions in the medical industry, LPN nurses are in demand. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED.


LPN programs usually last for a couple of years. Several courses are studied including anatomy, psychology, emergency medical treatment, physiology and biology. Patient care is also studied in detail. Students may also take up additional courses if they want.

After taking the course, they must pass a license examination. Those who pass will get the license. Some states have extra requirements like checking for convictions. Consult your state licensing board for additional requirements.

Online Coursework and Internship

The majority of the courses can be studied on the Internet. As long as the LPN or LVN program is accredited, your efforts will be recognized. Aside from the web courses, you must also have on the job training via practicum or internship.

If you are applying online, search for programs with links to hospitals or clinics near you. This will make your OJT easier. This should not be too hard since several community colleges are affiliated with local medical institutions.

These are aimed directly at aspiring nurses. Universities also have web-based programs available. LPN, LVN and bachelor’s degree programs are usually available. Most technical schools have courses for aspiring practical nurses too. Many of these programs are for well known universities so you can be sure they are accredited.

Many of these LPN programs also have programs that will allow you to study other topics including nursing management and medical technology.

Some Benefits of Online Studies

Web based courses are most ideal for working adults who want to advance their career. Though Internet courses have deadlines, you can do them at your convenience. There are also programs for those with less time, and advanced courses for those who have more.

In some courses, you can earn an LPN degree in less than 12 months. The advanced courses are for those who want to go beyond the basics. Many topics will be covered including health care in the US.

Online courses for LPN classes can also be utilized by people who want to quickly get into the medical market while studying to become a registered nurse. If you are interested in this aspect, you should evaluate their offerings carefully.