Online Courses for LPN

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Taking online courses for LPN allow students to reduce the number of college classes they take. For busy people, the flexible study time the web provides can be a blessing.


Online schools for LPN and CAN have different features. But they usually work on the same premise. The majority (if not all) theoretical subjects are studied online. Clinical training is conducted in specified medical institutions. The length of each clinical training varies. It will hinge on the type of degree you are taking up.

Coursework Contents

Universities online frequently have undergraduate certificate programs designed for would be LPNs. The majority of the courses can be studied online. Accredited online programs have different requirements from their students, so check the rules and policy section of the site.

If the course is hybrid, some of the lessons will be done on campus. Strictly speaking, all LPN programs are hybrid because of the clinical training element. But some online classes conduct lessons off the web. Choose a site that is near you if this is the case. Otherwise you will have to do a lot of traveling. Apart from clinical training, hands-on training is provided.

Advanced nursing programs are provided by most online universities. These are for nurses who want to advance their career. CE (continuing education) courses are provided as well. These are credit earning programs which help in license renewal and maintenance. Some courses are designed to help nurses become an RN.

Other Information

The length of these programs varies widely. The most basic ones won’t take more than a semester. Accelerated programs are available. But make sure that they are accredited so your efforts will be recognized. Certification programs work just like other nursing programs. The coursework is done online while the offline studies consist of clinical training.

State Exams

Students will have to take the state nursing exam after graduating from a nursing program, online or not. Each state has its own requirement and passing rate. Review the one that pertains to your situation. After you pass, you will become part of the nurse aide registry.

Finding the Right Online Program

It all comes down to what you need. Not all LPN programs are built the same way. Spend some time investigating the site. Never forget to check their accreditation.

Online courses for LPN may take some getting used to for some students. But they can provide real benefits. The fact is you can earn certification faster this way.