Online Courses for LVN in Texas

Online courses for LVN in Texas (licensed vocational nursing / licensed practical nursing) are becoming standard fare in many of its universities.

Coursework Overview

LVNs have the task of providing routine patient care. Studying in an LVN university in Texas, you will learn how to perform different kinds of nursing functions. You will also find out how to work under a doctor or physician.

There are also courses that focus on pediatric nursing, mental illness and pharmacology. The coursework will also include clinical fundamentals, and basic and advanced nursing skills. Other courses are on essentials of medication administration, professional development and geriatric nursing. Other areas of study are anatomy and physiology and surgical nursing.

Additional Details

Many of these classes are hybrid in nature. Theoretical concepts can be learned on the web. But clinical training is required in for lab experiments, internship and other types of clinical training activities. Certificates or degrees are awarded to graduates. Completion of these courses makes them eligible for the NCLEX-PN Exam. Those who pass this test will become certified LPN/LVNs.

The length of these programs differs. But there are accredited programs which take 12 month to finish. Additional classes focus on nutrition, vocational nursing concepts maternal and neonatal nursing. Not all classes cover these subjects. In certain colleges, specific courses may be chosen.


Assignments are submitted online. Videos are used in many of these sites for lectures. Forums, chat rooms and email are standard features. You will be taught what kind of clinical internships have to be performed. Schedules are usually flexible. They are divided into semester just like regular colleges. Tutors are assigned to grade student assignments. Many sites allow you to interact with instructors via email.

Other Information

Those who graduate from Texas LVN schools will be qualified to work in surgical centers, convalescent homes, hospitals and clinics. They also learn how to work in surgical centers. Because they perform the same tasks as registered nurses, RN related courses are taught to aspiring LVNs. On the average, LVNs earn $40,000. More experienced nurses may be paid greater amounts. Before enrolling, check the admission requirements. Even though they are all in Texas, the prerequisites courses may vary.

Online courses for LVN in Texas have different tuition fees. There will be separate charges for continuing education classes and credit classes. Check their sites for information on financial aids and tuition payment options.