Online Courses for LVN to RN

Being a Licensed Vocational Nurse; Licensed Practical Nurse in most states in the US, is a fulfilling job as you get to help patients of various ages as they undergo treatment and recovery. Being an LVN is also a great stepping stone to becoming a Registered Nurse.

While there are many benefits that one can enjoy – apart from the fulfillment of doing something you love – as an LVN, the benefits enjoyed by RN’s are even more rewarding; both financially and personally.

From LVN to RN

More than the financial rewards that await you as an RN after several years working as an LVN, career advancement looks more promising for RN’s. When you have a BSN and are already practicing as an RN, you may one day become a Head Nurse and specialize in various medical fields such as anesthetics and critical care.

There are online courses for LVN to RN that you can take and you basically have two options for these: get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or take the thirty-unit option.

However, the second option is only good for the state of California which means that you may not be eligible to practice as an RN in states outside of California.

On the other hand, if are an LVN in California and you want the fastest way to becoming an RN from being an LVN, the thirty-unit option is the most ideal.

The 30-unit option can be completed within one year while a BSN from an LVN usually takes two to three years to complete.

With the thirty-unit option, you are eligible to take the licensure exams to be a Registered Nurse.

Courses for LVN to RN: 30-Unit Option

The National University, which has several campuses in California, provides courses that cover the 30-unit option. However, these are not available in all their campuses and have yet to be available online.

As of date, the courses are only available at the Rancho Bernardo Campus. You may however check their site from time to time in case some of the courses are finally made available thru their online education portal.

Online Courses for LVN to RN: BSN Option

Courses for the 30-unit option may not be widely available online but courses for BSN are very much available on the internet and are in fact offered by several colleges and universities in the United States who now have a virtual campus on top of their actual land-based campuses.

You can check out RN Degrees Online for a list of schools around the United States that offer online degree programs for BSN.