Online Courses for LVN

Online courses for LVN are now preferred by many nursing students. The convenience afforded by Internet classes makes them suitable for busy people.

Coursework Overview

These LVN universities provide exam preparation sessions for students. Usually the coursework covers subjects like caring for patients, geriatrics, pediatrics and obstetrics. There are also subjects about nutrition, mental health, pharmacology and surgical nursing.

Nursing programs may also have courses on home health and convalescent care. There are also courses that deal with caring for patients with specific ailments like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s etc.

Other subjects that may be included in the coursework are gerontology, pathology and herbal / alternative medicine. Students also have to learn about nurse ethics, epidemiology, health care management and supervision. Other subjects for LVN include leadership, psychology and many others.

Additional Details

Programs can take a year to complete. Hands-on clinical training is required. This will take place in medical institutions near you. Most of these schools provide job placement assistance for their graduating students.

Since these are affiliated with universities, you may be required to participate in some of their extracurricular activities. Some programs provide supplemental instructions in case they are required. Other features include personal counseling, career advising and bilingual classes.


Many classes can be completed online, but others require you to attend live classes every now and then. Internet based studies usually have flexible schedules, although there are deadlines for assignment submission. During live training, students have to participate in lab experiments. You may study on a full or part time basis. This will have an effect on how it takes to complete the program.

Technical Requirements

Students must have a fast Internet connection to view streaming videos and conferences. You must also have a word processor and PDF viewer. PDF is used by many sites for their files.

Other Information

Graduates from these LVN schools have to apply at their respective state boards. This is necessary for them to be eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The application process varies by state.

Nursing programs are not cheap, but financing programs are available. If the student is qualified, payments won’t have to be made until the student graduates.

Online courses for LVN will vary from site to site. Also bear in mind that LVN and LPN are the same. Some states simply prefer to use one over the other. Students should only apply in programs that have the approval of their respective state board.