Online Courses for Mechanics

Online courses for mechanics provide students with several options. Some of these sites are privately owned, while others are affiliated with schools.

Coursework Overview

This will depend entirely on what branch you are studying. There are programs on auto mechanics, aviation, motorcycles, bicycles and boilers. Regardless, these mechanics schools teach students how to repair machinery. These Internet courses provide lessons aimed at skills development.

Fundamental subjects include basic repairs, conducting routine maintenance checks and making preliminary assessments. More advanced courses focus on fixing engines and other mechanical / electrical components.

These programs can be an elective or a class. In many cases, these online programs can be integrated into college or high school studies. Or you can take these courses and become a full-fledged mechanic.

Videos, animation and lectures are just some of the tools you can use on the web. You may be required to conduct online research and submit them for evaluation.

Additional Details

Schools offer accelerated courses and long comprehensive programs. It also depends on the certification level they are studying. Among your options are to be a general mechanic, studying diesel, refrigeration, air conditioning or industrial maintenance mechanics. There are also programs for becoming a tank or military mechanic.


The costs of these schools for mechanics can vary widely. But grants and financial aids are available. These services are awarded to students who qualify.

Other Information

These online classes require students to attend live classes. This is necessary so you will have hands-on experience. Theoretical concepts can be learned online. But it is imperative that students get their hands on the tools and repair things. Some of these programs are affiliated with companies. This means graduates get the chance to work after completing the course.


Decide what field of mechanics you want to join. For engineering, robotics and other advanced programs, a university is your best bet. Community college and other small schools are sufficient for general or auto mechanics. Look for an online class that is near you. As stated, live workshops will be required. That is why location is important.

Once you find a site, check the tuition, the course duration and admission requirements. Also keep in mind that in some programs, meetings with professors and fellow students are mandatory. Send an email or call first.

Finding online courses for mechanics won’t be difficult. The important thing is to be certain the site has the proper credentials.