Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding Certification

By taking online courses for medical billing and coding certification, you become eligible to be a medical coder or biller. The demand for workers in this profession is growing in America and other parts of the world, so prospects for employment are good.


After students graduate, they will get the opportunity to work. Some of their duties are billing, coding or classifying medical charges, office visits, procedures and other documents and files.

Online Curriculum

These Internet courses cover different topics and subjects. The latest in healthcare technology issues are discussed along with software and systems. These are the applications that coders will employ to do their job.

These Internet courses also teach students how to understand patient diagnoses and procedures and how to classify them. Proper coding of these procedures is also explained. These courses also tackle the different aspects of medical billing.

Online and Hybrid School Coursework

While these schools are online, some of them require on-site/campus activities. An increasing number of them use mobile phones so students and instructors can stay in touch. These courses explore the various processes involved in the subject. Topics include claim forms, healthcare insurance and how medical codes are applied to the right documents.

Other issues explained are medical diagnosis and medical procedure coding and insurance claim processing. Aside from these, they will also get familiar with medical terminology and patient records.

Accessibility, Duration and Requirements

Most of these courses are available day and night. A few are set up like a regular class with a daily schedule. Most allow you to log in at any point in the day. These Internet courses can be finished in a year more or less.

You need to have a GED or high school diploma. Other classes will require you to pass an exam or basic skills test. Other sites may require you to show documents proving you have the skills necessary for the task.

Other Information for Students

The number of subjects taught in these classes differ. Besides the ones mentioned already, topics like medical records, anatomy and physiology and Medicaid are covered.

It is also commonplace for these schools to discuss commercial healthcare. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is also explained in detail.

Some online courses for medical billing and coding also teach students how to market and manage billing and coding businesses. These websites state which areas they specialize in.