Online Courses for Medical Billing Coding

Online courses for medical billing coding have proliferated. Advances in technology have made it possible to take up this program on the web. Coding and billing are now taken together. But the courses may be studied separately. These programs have flexible schedules.

Coursework of Medical Billing

Medical billing programs begin with an overview and the basic of billing. This is followed by types of insurance coverage, procedures and diagnoses, insurance claim processing and claim payment.

Additional areas of study are in report generation, understanding the CMS 1500 Form, the life cycle of an insurance claim, office forms and codes.

There are usually separate chapters on working with billing/practice management software, operating a medical billing business and medical billing/practice management software application. There are also subjects on HIPAA, marketing your medical billing business, calculating copayments & deductibles and workers’ compensation.

Job Options

Graduates of these courses can find work as a biller / coder in health care institutions and hospitals. You also have the opportunity to get employed in insurance companies. Your job will be to get payment and keep their balance sheets in order.


These programs usually consist of reading materials. But there are now many sites which use videos and audio. These are not yet commonplace. But their usage is expected to increase as they help students grasp various concepts that will otherwise be difficult to comprehend.

Coursework for Medical Coding

A medical coding school provide an introduction to diagnosis coding, ICD-9-CM, ICD-9-CM coding and structure and reimbursement. There are also subjects on coding practice problems, current procedural terminology (CPT) and CPT coding and structure.

Students will also learn evaluation & management (E/M) coding, anesthesia, surgery & integumentary system coding, cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems.

Coding study programs also cover general surgery, radiology, pathology coding, documentation, decision making, and selecting the correct code. There is also a course on issues with fraud and abuse. Other subjects that have to be studied are HIPAA background & explanation, relative value units (RVUs), regulating and financial, origins and revisions of the ICD and coding & billing errors.

In a CPT coding course, the topics will include absence of codes, general guidelines for using the CPT manual, critical care services, correlation between coding and time and national correct coding initiative.

Online courses for medical billing coding are always being updated. The features vary depending on the class. Comparing their features will help you decide where to enroll.